"EQMS is simply the best solution on the market." 

quality management software
quality management integrations

Award-winning, integrated quality management software solution which has all you need for a "right first time" culture. 

EQMS works with everything

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EQMS gives you complete control over your quality management processes, procedures and planning.

Choose from a number of software modules to ensure your quality management objectives are met:

Document & Process

EQMS is an integrated set of powerful, off-the-shelf software tools that take away the compliance burden of a vast array of regulations and international standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001, ISO 31000, and ISO 45001 through systematic process management.

"EQMS provides the ability to adapt the QMS to rapidly changing business needs and thus keep pace with practice on the ground.

It also facilitates easy sharing of quality practices and procedures across our many manufacturing sites and effectively meets our ISO requirements."

Jo Firth

"The system is being used for OHSAS 18001 accreditation (health and safety) within the Facilities Directorate (sports, catering, events, printing and portering, security, cleaning, residential services, estate management). For the first OHSAS 18001 audit, we passed with zero non-conformances.

The Qualsys team have been very professional and incredibly helpful. They've understood that we are not approaching this as software technical experts -- we know what we want the system to do as end users."

Facilities Directorate Health & Safety Manager

Issue Manager

Audit Manager

Change Control

Risk Manager

Training Records


Identify, evaluate, investigate and manage issues, complaints. 

Constructs a risk framework to help assess, define and manage organisational risk in an effective and integrated manner.

Ensure change is understood and controlled by collaborating with employees across your business. 

Manage competency and pinpoint skill development requirements with the advanced Training Records module. 

Easily resolve problems quickly, reducing their impact and eliminating recurrence. The Incident & Accident Manager automates reporting requirements.

Incident & Accident

Manage each stage of the SRM process, from vendor registration to assessment, implementation of corrective and preventative actions through to measuring outcomes.

Supplier Manager

Maintain and distribute comprehensive equipment records. Manage maintenance, calibration and safety checks.

Equipment Manager

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Powerful tool designed to deliver unshakeable control over any document. Workflows enable you to assign responsibility and ownership.

Plan, schedule and manage audits. Track issues through to resolution. Analyse responses to spot trends, eliminate problems at source and drive improvement.

Trusted by global blue chip clients

400+ successful implementations

Available on-premise, via SaaS and on mobile

Highly configurable for maximum engagement

Advanced functionality for administrators, easy user interface for end users.

Unlimited free end users 

Expert implementation 

EQMS is trusted by global brands in over 100 countries

quality management integrations

Laeona McGrath

QMS Manager

See how EQMS standardises processes, underpins corporate governance and provides a robust framework for managing risk.

Benefits of EQMS by Qualsys

Carl Stanbridge

"EQMS has delivered 67% time savings compared to when we used to use manual processes. We're proud to partner with Qualsys and really value our relationship."

Global VP of Quality and Compliance


"I've worked in the quality industry for over 20 years. In that time I've come across a lot of different solutions. EQMS is the most advanced solution on the market and streets ahead of any others I have seen."



Lee Clack

Quality Systems Manager


Many businesses get stuck in their improvement journey. Disparate systems and data sources, a lack of cross-functional collaboration and process silos block improvement. This results in costly mistakes and a damaged reputation. 

Our EQMS software brings all your data, processes and systems together. 

With EQMS, our customers find:

- Quality and leadership are aligned, and a culture of excellence follows

- Cost of poor quality is dramatically reduced

- Data is stronger, risks are better managed 

- Improved collaboration, from shop floor to top floor.

Lee Clack, Quality Manager at W. E. Rawson - review on Capterra

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