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Quality processes, policies and procedures that can't be overlooked

Upgrade your quality management strategy for the digital age with Cloud Quality Management from Qualsys. 

Qualsys's quality management software is a modular, flexible tool your organisation needs to have complete confidence everyone, everywhere is compliant 24/7. Transform how you manage processes, policies and procedures with personalised notifications, record preservation for defensible discovery and interconnected process controls. 

Get the right message to the right person at the right time

Whether you're a large enterprise or a medical device startup, you need to ensure the right person has access to the right information at the right time. Setting the notifications, groups, schedules, viewing permissions, and editing controls is key for maintaining compliance with regulations that impact your business. Plus, it ensures that critical data your customers, employees and partners need to get work done never gets lost. 

Record preservation for defensible discovery

Legal actions — including trademark issues, patent infringement, employee lawsuits and consumer complaints — are risks all companies face. Without the right systems in place to effectively discover and preserve relevant content, the costs and time spent on litigation can quickly spiral out of control. Audit trails and system controls ensure records can be searched, audited and held indefinitely in your compliance management system.

Connected processes

Every business needs an effective way to investigate root causes, to prevent further recalls and mistakes, and implement effective preventative action. Qualsys Quality Management software gives you a full suite of tools, intelligent workflows and site-wide search controls - so you have complete visibility in a central system. 

"The system can be implemented in a phased approach, focusing effort on core needs to enable a faster go-live timescale, to start benefiting from the systems capabilities. The user interface and the overall experience supports the ease-of-use to get stakeholders engaged with the system and adopting new ways of working from the perspective of distributing the 'quality culture' throughout the organisation."


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