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An intuitive, secure and visual tool which makes it easier than ever to raise issues, incidents, and ideas.  

"I'll raise that later" 

Despite the rise in technologies such as Internet of Things, sensors, and connected devices, your employees, customers and suppliers still remain the best source of information for detecting business issues. 

        But many issues are unresolved for days, weeks, months, and even years. 

        In fact, NLCSA theory predicts that for every major incident, there are approximately 600 near misses. That's 600 missed improvement opportunities.  

        Qualsys distributed a survey to employees at over a dozen enterprises to learn how they fed back near-miss data. It discovered that over 90% of employees admitted they hadn't raised an issue, idea or incident they felt needed further investigation because of time pressures. 

        "The challenge put to the Qualsys product innovation team was: how could we design a system which made collecting data from employees, suppliers and customers easy, intuitive and addictive?" said Rob Needham, Technical Director at Qualsys. 

        He added: "Quality teams need data in a consistent, contemporaneous and consistent format that they can actually use. We designed Kiosk to make data integrity seamless, but very specifically to meet the needs of the business: to make it easier than ever to collect feedback." 

       Mondelez, SMS, Xylem and AB Agri were among the first global organisations to start using Kiosk to capture feedback. 

      The results? On average 895 Kiosk forms were raised in the first month after go-live. 

      The main use for Kiosk was near-miss quality events. But the tool has also been adopted for collecting customer complaints, raising internal issues, health and safety incidents, and factory floor feedback.  

       Information collected helps leadership, quality and other departments to take a risk-based approach to continuous improvement. 

Eyes and ears of the quality team

Alun Howell, Quality Manager at Xylem, said: "Whether we see an issue or not, it's still there. People need to be able to quickly and easily communicate the problems they're facing day-to-day."

       Needham added: "Kiosk is a simple, configurable, flexible tool which empowers everyone to play their role to improve quality. With Kiosk, your quality team get the information they need from the business to drive real improvement." 

How Kiosk works in five steps:

 1) You must already be using the EQMS Issue Manager module to unlock the Kiosk functionality. Kiosk feeds data into Issue Manager.

        2) Once you have access to Kiosk, your administrator sets up the forms to collect the type of data required: e.g. text, multiple choice images, integers. Forms can be anonymous or can require system log-in. Qualsys can set up these forms on your behalf if you do not have the time. 

        3) Once Kiosk is set up, you can roll it out in multiple ways. Some businesses choose to place Kiosk stations in high-traffic zones, others prefer the link to be accessed from devices. 

       4) Staff raise issues and push them instantly into your management system.

        5) The forms feed back into Issue Manager for business review and an automated workflow sends actions to the right personnel. 

What could your quality team achieve with full visibility?

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