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Improve data integrity, avoid costly surprises, create a proactive, pre-emptive culture

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A powerful risk toolkit for business improvement and operational excellence

Know what's happening in your business, identify risks

Free, unlimited end users gives your workforce the tools to raise quality events, near-miss, suggestions, or incidents. 

Eyes and ears everywhere feed improvement opportunities into your central management system. 

Best practice change management 

ERM by Qualsys provides a single view so you understand the inherent and residual risks. 

There is less confusion, chaos and contradictions. Communication, consultation and co-operation becomes the new norm. 

Change is managed with full understanding of the impact. 

A pre-emptive, proactive company culture 

Your workforce take ownership, understand their roles and responsibilities, and you're more likely to be compliant, demonstrate due dilident

Collect and send rich risk data to your other applications  

Make software work for your business. ERM offers flexible API services to pull and push data, set automatic action based triggers and uses "if this then that" (IFTTT) for seamless data-driven decision making. 

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Qualsys provides enterprise risk management software for the world's most regulated businesses

What makes ERM by Qualsys the UK's favourite enterprise risk management software?

Our commitment to seeing you succeed.

Developed in partnership with our customers, for our customers

Fast, custom development options for unique requirements

Dynamic, smart fields

Validated by external consultants, approved by regulatory bodies

Business intelligence reporting

IoT / ERP / application integrations

Trained team of experts

200 new features added in 2 years - 75% from customer suggestions 

Off-the-shelf tool, with advanced permissions

ISO 31000, ISO 14971, ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 27001, ISO 14001, ISO 22301, & more- best practice template library 

'Pick and mix' the tools you need

Free system health checks every 90 days

Friendly, helpful support nurses available 

In-company or regional training

A single view of your risks, opportunities and vulnerabilities 

Reliable data for risk identification

Collaborative risk assessment 

Embed risk based thinking

Defensible risk treatment plans 

Powerful risk reporting

Best practice governance 

Harvard Business Review reports that less than 50% of structured data is used in making decisions—and less than 1% of an organisation’s unstructured data is analysed or used at all. 

More than 70% of employees have access to data they should not, and 80% of analysts’ time is spent simply discovering and preparing data.  

Use your data for risk intelligence: Watch ERM Demo video here

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